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Lung -- uremic lung -- kidney

five elements of traditional Chinese medicinePathological transformation (illness of the child organ affecting the mother one) between lung metal and kidney water mainly lies in "disorders of kidney controlling respiratory qi".
In Modern medicine, uremic lung proves this theory well. In the early stage of chronic renal failure (CRF), decreasing lung vital capacity and restrictive ventilatory disorder appear, manifested as polypnea when accompanied with metabolic acidosis. During uraemia period, manifested as uremic lung, uremic pleurisy, and calcification pulmonum. Uremic lung refers to in uraemia, pulmonary X-ray check-up shows that butterfly wing sign,pneumonedem in apathogenesis, fibrinous transparent membrane formation on alveolus, which are caused by too much body fluid, hypoproteinemia, congestive heart failure, uremic toxins retention, etc. owing to CRF, particularly, uremic toxins can induce capillary permeability, pulmonary microvascular permeability increasing. Generally, these symptoms are seen in late stage of CRF, manifested as cough, hemosputum, dyspnoea, and so on.

Five elements of traditional Chinese medicine

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