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Luck 2013, born in the year of Ox

Duration of validity: Gui Si, year of snake, (Calendar year: from 0:14 a.m. of February 4, 2013 to 6:03 a.m. of February 4, 2014)
Birth date (calendar year)
From 0:50 a.m. of February 4, 2009 to 6:47 a.m. of February 4, 2010
From 3:04 a.m. of February 4, 1997 to 8:53 a.m. of February 4, 1998
From 5:19 a.m. of February 4, 1985 to 11:09 a.m. of February 4, 1986
From 7:23 a.m. of February 4, 1973 to 13:12 p.m. of February 4, 1974
From 9:27 a.m. of February 4, 1962 to 15:16 p.m. of February 4, 1962
From 11:30 a.m. of February 4, 1949 to 17:20 p.m. of February 4, 1950
From 13:34 p.m. of February 4, 1937 to 19:23 p.m. of February 4, 1938
From 15:37 p.m. of February 4, 1925 to 21:39 p.m. of February 4, 1926
Chinese zodiac originates from heavenly stems and earthly branches dating method, the boundary of Chinese zodiac is beginning of spring, but not the Chinese New Year (on January 1st of the lunar year).

Luck 2013, born in the year of Ox:
Year of Gui Si, Si fire promotes Chou earth, so there is meaning of promotion, plus lucky star of Santai, it is good to career, work and wealth luck, whatever employees or civil servants, all have promotion chances. In 2013, you should master chances well, if you were in bad state before, you must project your talent and work hard. Lucky star of Jingui means you have good wealth luck in this year, not forgeting yourself in excitement, because of the infortune stars of Wugui and Guanfu, you will also avoid unexpected misfortunes, losing money and being framed up, you will be very cautious in investment, etc. Infortune star of Baihu is bad to health and leads to unexpected disasters, you will avoid danger, follow traffic rules when driving, would better to do physical examination or donate blood at the year beginning, pay attention to lawsuits and disputes, and lose money, observe disciplines and obey laws, look over before signing a contract to avoid unexpected misfortune.
Wealth luck 2013
Si and Chou is San He, plus lucky star of Jin Yu, people born in the year of Ox has good wealth luck. Jin Yu is riches and honor, with more happiness, and can gain wealth from wife. In wealth luck, you will go ahead steadily, but not going forward prematurely and being opportunistic. Because infortune star of Wu Gui, you will be cautious to debit and credit to avoid losing money. Infortune star of Guan Fu, you will pay attention to lawsuits, and be cautious when signing a contract, not guarantee for others. Yaoqianshu opened light can be placed in drawing room or in office to enhance wealth luck, you may wear Jade Pixiu.
People born in the year of Ox can get unexpected help and appreciation from leaders. Lucky star of Santa is good to career and school work, such as promotion and exams, rise step by step. In career, you will not act impulsively, steady and sure. Because of infortune star of Wugui, you may face flunky, even be framed, so you will be cautious in daily work to avoid being trapped, ask for advices from others when halting between two opinions, and have a true judgment based on overall opinions. Because of infortune star of Guanfu, civil servants should be careful, fair and square.
Unmarried people who have lover can choose a day for the wedding in this year, the single woman or man has good chance to have a marriage, do not miss the good chance. Married people should be cautious for marriage misfortune, stepping in of the other man or woman, at the same time, refuse to be contaminated and care for the other side. Luck with the opposite sex of people born in the year of Ox is located at south which pertains to fire, so you may place wooden Longfengtaomu mirror (wood promotes fire), or paired kylin (red or green is better), to promote emotional harmony. In addition, a red or purplish vase full of water and four flowers can be placed at this location to help luck with the opposite sex, note the flowers must be flesh and often refresh water, if not, you will not select this method.
Infortune star of Baihu is bad to health, easily brings unexpected disasters, as well as accidents in family, so you will avoid dangerous sports and unexpected injury in travel or on a business trip. The drivers will observe traffic rules and regulations and safe driving, it would be better to have a physical examination or blood donation. Infortune star of Wugui is bad to spirit and mood, sensitive and suspicious, not suitable to go to cemetery, hospital or countryside alone where yin qi is very heavy, in living room or room of the elders, Hululonggui or copper gourd can be placed to ease it.

Luck 2013 of people born in the year of Ox
1949, Ji Chou (nominal age 65 years old)
Luck of Ji Chou Ox people is not ideal, especially in health, luckily gain the help of God, though there are some obstructions, it can be truned into good, they will pay attention to disease of cardiovascular system, limbs, head and neck diseases, regular physical examination and do proper sports. They may wear jade Pingankou to enhance safe and good luck.
1961, Xin Chou (nominal age 53 years old)
Xin Chou Ox people has good luck this year, they can plan well in career, develop steadily, gain help and appreciation from leaders, they will pay attention to inexplicable loss in wealth.
1973, Gui Chou (nominal age 41 years old)
Gui Chou Ox people have very good luck in career and wealth, get unexpected help in career and very satisfied, even trun ill luck into good. They will pay attention to losing money, especially cautious in investment and loan, as well as cautious for stepping in of the other man or woman. In addition, they will avoid lawsuits, it is necessary to observe disciplines and obey laws. They may wear jade Pixiu to avoid losing money, metal Shidiqian (Wudiqian or Liudiqian is okay) can be placed at the seat back or back wall, or in a drawer which is usually used, it can help to resolve it.
1985, Yi Chou (nominal age 29 years old)
Luck of people born in the year of Ox is very ideal, in good mood and emotions, everything goes right. If you strive for career positivly, you will have a very good development. This year is suitable to go forward positively and investment. Very good luck with the opposite sex, the single are suitable to marriage, the married people will avoid extramarital affair. But because of Baihu, you will avoid disasters to destroy wealth luck, watch out for injuries caused by traffic and outdoor sport. Xianglong (black or red) can be placed at home or in office to restrain the disadvantages and transform it into wealth.
1997, Ding Chou (nominal age 17 years old)
Luck of Ding Chou Ox people is flat, with heavy pressure, disadvantages maybe influence on school work, you will correct attitude towards it and pay attention to correct method. You have luck with the opposite sex, do not puppy love. You may wear Shuniuguishensanhe for unexpected help; or place Longguiwenchangta in reading room or living room for good school work.

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