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About "five"

Everything is formed based on "five"
It seems that human prefer to "five", five is a perfect and mysterious number. As the Chinese ancient naive materialism, five elemetns theory influences Chinese ancient civilization, and is rarely known in the world. Angus Graham, the famouse british sinologist, has called five elements theory pre-science.
In fact, everything is formed based on "five". You may find that, lots of things are related with five, for example, five sense organs, five fingers, five zang-organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney), five directions (east, south, west, middle, north), five qi (wind, cold, summer heat, damp, dryness, fire), five poisonous creatures (scorpion, venomous snakes, centipede, gecko, toad), five spices (zanthoxylum, aniseed, orange peel, colve buds, fennel ), five notes (labial, dentals, glottal sound, dental sound, laryngal), five ethics (five relations of emperors and subjects, father and son, brothers, couples, friends), five continents, etc.. Correlation dimension is saturation when n=5, the stucture of living organisms is mostly composed by five parts, which tells us there ae not obvious boundary between living things and nonliving things, it is also a reflection of universal holographic unity.
Why is five so popular? I tell you that five comes from one adds four, popularly saying, there are four relations of any thing or your relations with the outside, that is, you are favorable and unfavourable to it, it is favorable and unfavourable to you (or you have favorable impression on him, and not; or he has favorable impression on you, and not). These relations are so called "Taiji turns into Liangyi (two utmost points, that is, yin and yang, or positive and negative), Liangyi produces Sixiang (four aspects, that is, four development state types of everything)", and if you are one of the elements, in the promotion relations, element promoting you is the element favorable to you, element promoted by you is the element you are favorable to; in restricting relations, element restricting you is unfavorable to you, element restricted by you is element you are unfavorable to. Everything is just five elements.
Five is produced by promotion and restriction between yin and yang. You, as one element, adding elements of promoting you, promoted by you, restricting you, restricted by you, forming five elements, this is "five" philosophy.

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