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Five elements in Book of Changes

51 Gen of 64 Gua Also called Gen Wei Shan Middle and lower gua Not over do sth Career: you will adjust properly after a period of development and summarize the experience, avoid going forward prematurely, you should be self-discipline, speak and act cautiously, when a good chance comes, you may give a good account of yourself. Business: you have come to a s ... read more
Also called Zhen Wei Lai Middle and upper gua Face the dangers calmly Career: unsmooth, even facing dangers, you are necessary to enhance vigilance, there is no danger when there is preparedness, once facing emergency, you may not bat an eyelid and learn the lesson, reducing losing and recovering normal, your career will have a new high degree. Business: in ... read more
50 Ding of 64 Gua Also called Huo Feng Ding Middle and lower gua Development based on the steady Career: there are various conditions to open new career, you are intelligent and calm, you should conduct yourself in society properly, strict with yourself, flexibly and cooperate with intelligent people, avoid going forward prematurely, successful in whatever ... read more
49 Ge of 64 Gua Also called Ze Huo Ge Upper and upper gua Follow mandate of heaven and comply with the wish Career: this is a turning point, you have to pay attention to various information and think over, consolidate your position firstly and improve yourself continuously, wait till the timing is right, with immediate action, change positively, but motives ... read more
48 Jing of 64 Gua Also called Shui Feng Jing Upper and upper gua Eagerly seeking after men of worth and ability Career: stable, avoid going forward prematurely or retreating, strive with positive attitude, promote and enrich yourself, wait for good chances to gain big success, avoid marking time, otherwise you will be eliminated owing to being out of accord ... read more
47 Kun of 64 Gua Also called Ze Shui Kun Middle and upper gua Seeking development in difficulty Career: not smooth, difficulties and obstacles, you are facing huge tests in life, improper means make you sink more and more deeply, contrarily, if you spur and improve yourself, do not dishonor, take it calmly, your wish must come true. Business: you are facing ... read more
46 Sheng of 64 Gua Also called Di Feng Sheng Upper and upper gua Being modest and rising step by step Career: very smooth and further development, you will make progress step by step, and have brilliant prospect, but avoid going forward prematurely, being cautiously and striving after virtue, following virtuous seniors sincerely. Business: you will comply w ... read more
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