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Chinese medicine and five elemen

When we mention " Wu Xing " ( five elements ), most of people know less, or think it is only an ancient legend. The Chinese ancestors created five elements theory, they thought five elements are the basic elements that form the universe. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water, all kinds of things in the universe are classified based on five elements, a ... read more
Fu Qingzhu's Gynecology follows five elements theory in diagnosis and treatment of five-color leukorrhea, and syndrome differentiation according to the concrete syndromes, which is so called "treating disease from the root", especially promotion, restriction, over restriction and reverse restriction relations among five elements, for example, white ... read more
Five elements and five-color leukorrhea 1. White-color leukorrhea Fu Qingzu considered that white-color leukorrhea is caused by accumulated dampness and yang qi deficiency, liver qi stagnation and qi deficiency, which injures spleen earth. So strengthening spleen and stomach, and soothing the liver. Wan Dai Tang (decoction) should be selected. 2. Green bean ... read more
Internal injury of spleen-stomach and excessive heart fire Internal injury of spleen and stomach is caused by improper diet, overstrain or injury of seven emotions, thus primary qi is deficient. "Fire promoting earth", spleen earth being attacked can induce spleen qi deficiency, while heart fire is excessive, which forms earth deficiency and fire ... read more
Pathological transformation (illness of the child organ affecting the mother one) between lung metal and kidney water mainly lies in "disorders of kidney controlling respiratory qi". In Modern medicine, uremic lung proves this theory well. In the early stage of chronic renal failure (CRF), decreasing lung vital capacity and restrictive ventilatory ... read more
Five elements theory is always applied to explain some pathologic condition, particularly indicates inter actions among zang-fu organs under pathological condition, which is called transformation or progress of disease. Among them, disorder of the mother's organ can affect the child organ, lung pertains to metal and kidney pertains to water, according to &q ... read more
Influence of five element theory on acupuncture technique " Haci Wuxing Zhen " (Haci magnetic needle) is a newly invented unique needle apparatus and a1so a clinical application of needing technique, used in combination with cup. It is developed based on the concept of balancing body's yin-yang through working on the meridians and acupoin1s that h ... read more
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