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Health key, detoxifcation

Generally, we think that toxin is external pathogenic factors which is harmful to body, in fact, the small amount of substances enter body and act on tissues and organs, destroy normal physical functions and cause abnormal condition temporally or lastingly, these substances are toxins. Toxins can be classified into the external and the internal. The external toxins include wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness in TCM, atmospheric pollution, farm chemical and fertilizer pollution are all external toxins; internal toxins originate from the interior of body, such as stool, sputum, uremic, and so on.
1. Toxic food
Tea stain: it contains various poisonous metals, such as cadmium, lead (pb), mercury and arsenic (As), etc. and some carcinogen, such as nitrite, etc. which can lead to kidney, liver, and stomach diseases.
Moldy rice, peanut and corn: they contain flavacol which is the proverbial carcinogen, and lead to liver cancer and esophagus cancer. Even high-temperature sterilization can not remove them from body thoroughly.
Slightly cooked hyacinth bean: it contains two kinds of toxins, hemagglutinin and saponine which lead to vomiting and diarrhoea, even hemolysis. So hyacinth bean should be cooked thoroughly; the tender hyacinth beans are better; both ends of hyacinth bean and silk should be removed because they contain more toxins. Soaking 15 min before cooking is better.
Rotten fruits contain harmful substances, especially epiphyte has
carcinogenic action, so even the rotten parts are removed, the remaining should not be eaten.
2. Internal toxins
Stool: constipation will lead to amounts of toxins' accumulation which is absorbed by body, and induce stomach intestinal discomforts, halitosis, as well as skin pigmentation, etc.
Pigmentation and chloasma: endocrine dyscrasia, long-term intake of oral contraceptive medication, liver diseases, tumors, alcoholism, and solar radiation.
Acne: toxic substances are harmful to whole body with blood circulation, excreting obstruction leads to rough skin and acne. In addition, lack of trace element, mental stress, high fat and Hi CHO diet is the inducements of acne.
Halitosis, skin itching: skin is an expulsion of toxin organ, toxins can be removed by sweat gland and sebaceous gland. The outside stimulation, irregular living, mental stress, as well as dysendocrisiasis weaken skin function and lead to skin itching.
Abdominal discomforts or abdominal pain, distention, diarrhea, or constipation.
Many people think that removing toxin is defecation, it is wrong. Defecation can only remove toxins in digestive tract, so it is one of the removing toxin ways.
Removing toxin is not tonification. TCM considers that resolving and tonification should be balance. The toxin accumulation must consume healthy qi, Removing toxin and detoxifcation must consume body energy, if only removing toxin, the functions of zang-fu organs can not recover and toxins will retain again very soon, which leads to a vicious circle. So proper tonification is good to remove toxin.
Removing taxins can be summarized into three categories, 1. liver is a detoxifcation organ, we should select carrot, garlic, grape, fig, and litchi; 2. kidney detoxifcation, cucumber and cherry are helpful to kidney detoxifcation; 3. moistening intestines to remove toxins, konjac, Jew's-ear, kelp, spinach, apple, strawberry, and pig blood, etc. are helpful, but fibered food can remove internal nutriments when removing toxins, so the children at growth stage or patients who are just recovering from a dangerous illness should not take more fibered food.
detoxifcationDetoxifcation food: mung bean
Mung bean is an herb usually used for detoxifcation. It has good preventive function for various food poison, such as heavy metal and pesticide poisoning, and speeds toxic substances metabolic transformation and excretion. Sweet mung bean soup cooked at home can not be used for severe toxicosis, because mung bean dosage should be 250g at least, not destroying bean-coat.

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