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Constitution of blood stasis

A healthy body is like a clear picturesque scenery or favorable weather and calamities, constitution of blood stasis is like silt blockage in river, TCM considers that blockage induces pain, in clinic, female dysmenorrhea and male prostatitis are due to constitution of blood stasis. We advise you test the constitution, if you are constitution of blood stasis, it is necessary to regulate it timely.
As for tumors, many people think of inheritance, but we consider that tumors are one of the results of blood stasis. In TCM, tumors pertain to Zheng Jia Ji Ju, it is a process that invisible pathogenic factors accumulate and form visible tumors. Qi stagnation and blood stasis are one of the causes of tumors. One is the exterior pathogenic factors, abnormal wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness and fire in nature disturb the interior environment in the body. In addition, female breast cancer, uterine cancer, coronary heart disease, atheromatosis, hypertension, etc. are all related to constitution of blood stasis. Blood stasis is caused by qi stagnation, qi and blood like twin brothers, qi being commander of blood, blood being mother of qi, a reciprocal causation.
Blood stasis can induce not only diseases, but also aging, because blood stasis retention leads to difficult hematogenesis, thus metabolism is worse and worse, and forms a vicious circle.
Some early signs of blood stasis, for example, body ecchymosis, gingival bleeding, insomnia, poor memory, fixed stabbing pain, and pachylosis.
Removing blood stasis and strengthening qi are the regulation method. Please contact
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