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Dr. Hu Xuehua
Experienced in five elements of traditional Chinese medicine

Hu Xuehua, female, graduated from Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master degree of TCM, licensed TCM doctor, senior attending physician. She has been the director of TCMOO Distance Training Program of China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center (CBIATC), published "International Acupuncture Textbooks" and valuable papers on five elements of TCM.
Dr. Hu is experienced in TCM treatment of internal miscellaneous diseases, especially concentrates on rheumatism, osteoarthritis (spur), andrology diseases, gynecological diseases, various pain, infertile, etc. In early years, she learned five elements from Prof. Dai Yongsheng, the leading scholar of five elements in China, and studied pathogenesis transformation of kidney diseases based on five elements. In recent years, Dr. Hu learned acupuncture with Prof. Wang Hongcai, involved in acupuncture overseas education, set up TCMOO Distance Training Program of CBIATC successfully, and gave lectures for the foreign students.
Dr. Hu's clinic inherits academic thoughts of Prof. Dai Yongsheng, provides diagnosis and treatment services and online consultation for our customers.

New Products For June

Moxibusiton for whole body regulation
Moxibusiton for whole body regulation
The typical indication of moxibustion is joint pain. Knee joint pain, shoulder joint pain are both commonly seen in various ages. In TCM, joint pain is called Bi-syndrome, Bi has the meaning of...

64 Gua Divination Explanations (Ⅰ)
64 Gua Divination Explanations (Ⅰ)
64 Gua of I Ching can be used in divination, every gua has its deep meaning, according to the meanings, we can divine good or ill luck, it originated from the Shang dynasty and came true...

Chinese herb jelly
Chinese herb jelly
Do you have face splash or wrinkles, or cutis laxa, or hearing loss? If you have the following symptoms, you will alert blood stasis. Skin: dull, pachylosis, scalp off, dark speck, itching and...

Luck 2013, born in the year of horse
Luck 2013, born in the year of horse
Duration of validity: Gui Si, year of snake, (Calendar year: from 0:14 a.m. of February 4, 2013 to 6:03 a.m. of February 4, 2014) Birth date (calendar year) From 8:08 a.m. of February 4, 2002 to...

Featured Products

Body Aromatizing Buccal Tablets
Body Aromatizing Buccal Tablets
Youth Keeping and Skin Rejuvenation Body aromatizing buccal tablets use various edible plant essential oil, such as rose ethereal oil, Vitamin E, as the main materials, in order to keep natural...

Yang Yan Wu Fa Tang (Youth Keeping and Hair Blacking Decoction)
Yang Yan Wu Fa Tang (Youth Keeping and Hair Blacking Decoction)
Yang Yan Wu Fa Tang (Youth Keeping and Hair Blacking Decoction) is a pure Chinese medicine prescription, it is applicable to leukotrichia, alopecia and bald head due to various causes, composed of...

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